Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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FoxNews Says NO Just Like GOP?

I recently came across a blog post by another blogger on the other side of the political spectrum. The title of this man's post was "FoxNews Says NO Just Like GOP". First, he attempts to make it sound as if the FoxNews Channel is not going to air the speech, which is a complete lie. Fox, not FoxNews, is not going to air the speech.

What the writer is trying to imply is that Fox's, not the FoxNews Channel, decision not to air President Obama's speech is somehow a political decision. Fox also decided not to air a speech from former President Bush back in 2001, I suppose that was somehow political as well.

The truth is that Fox's decision not to air either speech is in no way politcal. It has nothing to do with Barack Obama and had nothing to do with George W. Bush in 2001. Fox's news outlet, The FoxNews Channel, will be carrying the speech.

Nice try Mud, seems this young, kool-aid drinking, easily duped kid was not able to be duped by you. Have a good one and God Bless!