Friday, November 2, 2007

Overwhelming Majority?

I always hear Democrats taking about the overwhelming majority of Americans wanting our troops to leave Iraq immediately. But what I ask is where they get those figures?

RasmussenReports , the most accurate polling firm in the country, has consistently had the percentage of Americans wanting the troops home immediately between 20-30 percent. Not overwhelming at all. They also have the percentage of Americans, that want us out of Iraq within a year at 57 percent. That also is not overwhelming at all. Yet Democrats are the ones saying that the Bush administration is out of touch with reality? But that's not true, it's Democrats that are out of touch with reality and in touch with radicals like the dailykos and code pink.

I think that an overwhelming majority of Americans do want us out of Iraq, after we accomplish our mission there and not prematurely. Leaving too early will give the country of Iraq to Iran (a terrorist country) and endanger America. There is only one type of peace with animals like Ahmadinejad and that is "peace through superior fire power." It is already evident that diplomacy will not work with him (that's what we have been trying), and we cannot afford to let Iran get nuclear weapons or give them a breeding ground to create their terrorists (Iraq).

When the Democratic candidates are asked about Iran they answer with "diplomacy." I guess that they really are idiots because that's exactly what President Bush is using, Iran is just refusing to cooperate.

It's Democrats that are in their own fanasty world and out of touch of the American people. The American people want to be safe from terrorism and Democrats cannot promise that because they are weak people. Thank you for reading and God Bless.


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