Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ain't It True?

This picture, from TownHall.com, isn't just funny, it also shows the truth about how our enemies feel about Democrats wanting to surrender. The last time I checked, our national security was more important then what terrorists thought about us.

You can make the claim that we shouldn't have gone into Iraq and I can respect that view (because we went in on faulty intelligence), but the fact is that we are there and if we were to leave now, it would be catastrophic for the United States. There's no doubt that Iran would just go in and take over, it would also emboldened our enemies all over the world. Attacks on the United States, and our bases and embassies around the world, would rise because we would be seen by our enemies as weak. It would also result in a massacre (genocide) in Iraq. It would be just like Vietnam (and if you think we had a bad image after that, just wait and see what our image would be like if Democrats got their way).

Democrats are always say that President Bush's foreign policy is disastrous and it is ruining our ties with other countries. Well, the only ties it is ruining is ties with countries that are supporting terrorism, cheating on trade and making threats against America. One example is Russia, they are helping Iran with their nuclear program and directly undermining the UN. Other examples are China and Venezuela. If these countries are going to support our enemies, then we do not need good ties with them. On the other hand, Bush has strengthened relationships with the UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada and many more. Our relationships with these countries are better than they have ever been.

Democrats just can't seem to understand that America MUST be tough on terror and we must be tough on our enemies. It seems like only time they feel that way is when we get attacked and it will help their political image. Thank you for reading and God Bless

Merry Christmas

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Valentina said...

You're probably right about Iran taking over if America leaves Iraq...scary, never thought of that.

I guess there's no turning back now.