Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Iranian Provocation

I'm sure that most of you are already aware of the threat Iran made to the US Navy over the weekend. If you are not then here is the story, Iran Confrontation. This is further proof that, even with the latest intelligence report finding Iran halted it's nuclear weapons program, Iran is still a threat to America. They still have not stopped enriching uranium.

Some liberals are comparing this incident to what happened last May when we sent another carrier to the Gulf region in a show of military strength. What happened last May was Iran continually provoking the US, defying the United Nations and murding American troops in Iraq, America basically said, "Hey, back off. We're bigger than you and you need to stop." What happened over the weekend was Iran trying to provoke the US into a fight by threatening our ships and saying they were going to "explode." To say the two incidents are the same is something only an idiot would do, but hey, the liberals I'm talking about are on the DailyKos and you can't expect more than idiocy from there.

The timing of this threat comes as President Bush is making is trip to the Middle-East. When Ahmedinejad came to New York, we didn't do anything like this (although we probably should have).

America is a country that promotes peace and democracy, but we are also a country that will cut down any threat to our national security. We don't force other countries to do anything unless they are a threat to us. Liberals would have you believe that we are occupiers and that we force countries to do what we want and that is completely untrue. Iran is a threat, Iraq was a threat and terrorism is still alive. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

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