Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dems Urging Turkey to Destabilize Iraq

The Turkish Parliament has voted to authorize it's government to order an incursion into Iraq for the next year if it so chooses. They did this because Democrats in congress brought up the Armenian "genocide" bill Link .

Democrats knew, well before hand, that to bring up this bill and approve it to the floor would hurt ties with Turkey and put our military in more danger than it already is. If Turkey decides to attack the northern part of Iraq it could destabilize the rest of the country and put our troops in more danger.

Turkey is also our main transportation line for supplies and equipment to Iraq. By approving the bill to go to the house floor, Democrats have weakened ties with our NATO Ally. Turkey could stop us from using their country to transport much needed cargo to Iraq and that would also hurt our troops.

It's because of actions like these that Democrats seem so unpatriotic. It's not because they are against the war, it's because they will do anything, even put our troops in danger, for political purposes. The safety of our troops is much more important than pleasing a group that wants to go back in history. Obviously Democrats feel otherwise and believe that pleasing another group would help them politically, even if it means hurting our troops.

If Turkey does invade and it destabilizes the rest of Iraq, then Democrats and any Republicans or Independents that voted or will vote for this bill will be directly responsible for anything that happens to our troops in Iraq. I hope and pray that Turkey does not invade and that our politicians realize that voting for this bill is voting against our military. Thank you for reading and God Bless

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