Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation

Man, what is wrong with Harry Reid? He tried to take some credit for what Rush did with that illegal letter that he and other Democratic senators sent to him and signed? If you haven't heard or seen the videos they will both be at the end of this post. The first will be the video of Reid taking two words, that Rush Limbaugh said, out of context and condemning them; the second will be a link to the video of Reid thanking Rush and trying to take credit for the money being raised.

Senator Reid realized that his plan had backfired and tried to steal some of the credit from Rush. What he's trying to do is cover up the fact that what they did was wrong and illegal and say that this letter was something great because of what he did. It's great that the money will go to the Marine Corps. Law Enforcement Foundation , but it doesn't take away from the fact that what Reid and other Democratic Senators did, including Hillary Clinton, was wrong and illegal. Rush is fully responsible for the money being raised and Reid is just trying to play politics. It's kind of funny. Here are the videos:

Reid Trying to Take Credit

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