Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Liberal Media Invested in Defeat

Our troops are beating Al Qaeda in Iraq. In the last few months the military has dealt major blows to the terrorist group and some generals are advocating a declaration of victory.

I went to ABCNews.com, CBSNews.com and NewYorkTimes.com and no where on their homepages did I see any mention of this. Blackwater, death rates dropping and Communist China were the headlines on those site but there was no mention of the progress that was being made in Iraq. The kind of progress we are having there is more important than anything else they are reporting on. Those other stories are good news but you can't leave the most important stuff out. If it were the other way around and generals were saying that Al Qaeda in Iraq was forcing us out, these news outlets would be all over it. This just shows how much the liberal media is invested in defeat. They don't want anything positive coming out of Iraq.

I hope that you all will realize that these media outlets are not interested in victory and want badly for our troops to fail. They are in bed with the Democratic party and will do anything and everything to turn Americans against their own country. It sad but true. MSNBC had this story as it's headline. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

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