Saturday, January 12, 2008

War Monger or Patriot?

I never was that into politics until the beginning of last year when President Bush announced that the new strategy in Iraq would be a surge. I was shocked at all the opposition that President Bush got from the left. So I started to follow what was going on in our country very closely.

In the last year I've seen and heard people call for President Bush's impeachment for, so called, "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity". I've also seen Iran grow bolder in there opposition to America because of all the fighting here. Liberals just cannot seem to understand that, no matter what we do, if we don't bow down to Islam then terrorists and sponsors of terrism(i.e. Iran) will never stop taking innocent lives. When you try explaining that to a liberal, who lives in a fanasty world of nothing but peace and marijuana, they call you a "war monger". I've learned to wear that name with honor and pride, just like I do as a member of the "vast right-wing conspiracy".

Now here we are, a year after the troop surge in Iraq, and violence is down, Iraqis are joining together to combat terrorists, American and Iraqi troop deaths are down, we're beginning to remove troops from Iraq, we're handing over control to the Iraqi military, Iraqis are sharing oil revenues, all political parties are being represented, laws are being passed and citizens are beginning to feel safe to walk the streets and return home. And what do the anti-American liberals say? They say that would should have pulled out all our troops a long time ago and leave millions of innocent people to die. We should of pulled out and let Iran take the country over and use it as a training ground for terrorists. We should never have gone in, even though their King (Bill Clinton) said that he also believed the intel. Our government was in on 9/11. We should give terrorists rights that we have in our courts. That we should allow Iran to do whatever they want. That we should let Iran take out Israel. That our troops are the ones causing terror. That we should SURRENDER! Even after they say all those things, they have the audacity to say that they support the troops, that they are more patriotic than I and that we are the enemy.

If we follow the path that liberals want to go down then what we are going to end up with is country that is inferior to those like Iran, China, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea and Syria. We will have a country were freedom no longer exists. But hey, it's okay because we will have the freedom to go and get high. I don't want a country like that and I hope you don't either.

Thank-you for reading and God Bless.


mud_rake said...

Two points:

1.) you have an unanswered question in the post below

2.) if you realy wish to discuss the difference between a warmonger and a patriiot, I'd be happy to engage in this debate. However, I am led to believe that you do not welcome a challenge from me.

Set me straight on both of these, will you?

Fonso_2006 said...


1.) I don't directly answer the question but I give enough information to show that I believe what the left call a war monger is actually a patriot.

2.) I would love to engage you in discussion. Just to be up front, I do know that there are many differences between a war monger and a patriot. What I am saying is that the left will call you a war monger for just about anything and when they call me a war monger it makes me proud. I'm not really a war monger but the left believes that if you don't agree with them or you support ANY war then you are a war monger. That was the primary focus of this entry.

mud_rake said...

As you are still a teen, I might overlook the fact that one ought to know that there are gray areas in life, not just white and black.

I'm in my mid 60's and have learned through the hard knocks of life that one ought not hold onto one's sword too tightly.

It is clear that your blog reflects your black/white ideals and that finding some common ground between us may be difficult.

Perhaps, as a suggestion for further posts, you ought not be so strident, so closed in your thinking that it dismisses an entire segment of American political thought in one stroke of the pen with the label, "The Left."

You might guess that "The Right" has its share of blame, gangsters, and miscreants too. Life is not perfect on the right end of the political spectrum as can be said of the left side too.

To the point of this post: just today I received a short comment that said, "Dissent is patriotic!"

Well said in brevity.

mud_rake said...

Did you read the nice remarks about you on my blog today?

Barb said...

Watch out, Fonso --he's a snake in the grass. Nice remarks until you call him on his views --and the better you do it, the more he'll snarl in his pit.

Take this quote from his recent post on LED lights: "Hooray for the scientists working hard throughout the world. At least we can count on them to remain one giant step ahead of the money bastards."

Anyone with money is a "money bastard." And who does he think pays for the research?? It's not the welfare dependent.

I agree with what you said about the church's charities vs. gov'ts --though church could never rival the burden our gov't has assumed of near cradle-to-grave welfare for some. I think gov't should care for the disabled, but for some, the disability has come with their sense of entitlement. "Somebody else should look after me." People actually limit their hours of work so it won't affect their entitlements. Anyone working near some gov't cut-off for freebies will make sure his income comes in under the cut-off. Many of the able-bodied retired work as much as they can --just under the cut-off that would affect their social security. Not that there is anything wrong with their thinking--but what is wrong with a gov't that operates like that??

Barb said...

I agree with something else you said on Mudrake's blog --about Bush being a good Christian --as far as we know. He has done nothing to discredit his faith --except in the opinion of people who distort the truth--like calling Bush a liar about the WMD.

I like that you see your wife as your best friend and family as your first priority. God bless you. You are on the right path.

Barb said...

In reading your topic here --here you are, getting politically involved and you are surprised at the tactics and labels of the left. Like me, you observed the same news the liberals helped to write --and yet, you saw that Bush did not lie --that if there were no WMD's in Iraq, EVERYBODY assumed there were, based on the intelligence we had.

But soon the war became an opportunity for the LEFT to make an issue on which to get elected in 08. "Troops are dying. War is not nice. Bring them home. We shouldn't have gone. Bush is a liar! Iraq doesn't want us there! " SO SIMPLISTIC! and so biased --and lacking in objectivity.

Anytime someone is wrong about an anticipated outcome, we call him a liar.

Will I call Al Gore a liar if he turns out to be wrong about global warming? No. I'll say he was misled --and mistaken. I won't say he was a liar.

But Liberals, if agnostic or atheist, it would seem they don't feel any real deep obligation to truth. For them, "the ends justify the means." Getting elected is all.