Monday, January 28, 2008

An America Hero

August 20, 2003 US forces in Iraq had an Iraqi police officer in custody, on suspicion of knowledge of imminent attacks against his battalion. US forces were interrogating the police officer and getting nowhere. The officer in charge, retired Colonel Allen West, had enough and took over the interrogation. After still not getting the information, Colonel West pulled out is 9mm pistol and discharged the weapon above the suspects head, causing no harm. And surprise, surprise...we got the information. For the rest of the duration of Colonel West's leadership no attacks were made against his battalion. Many American lives were spared but, despite the lives being saved, Democrats called for his court martial.

Outrageously, Colonel West, an America hero, was punished and fined 5,000 dollars. Despited Democratic calls for his court martial, 95 members of congress signed a letter, in support of Colonel West, and sent it to the Secretary of the Army. The result was Colonel West retiring honorably (the way any American hero should) and getting all the benefits owed to him.

Colonel West is currently running for Florida's 22nd US Congressional District, hoping to unseat Democrat Rep. Ron Klein. So to those in Florida, Colonel Allen West is an American hero and would make a great American Congressman. He will stay true to Conservative values. Colonel West will make a commitment to end earmarks, shrink government, cut taxes, reduced our debt by cutting the budget (not more taxing like the Democrats want), strengthen our relationship with our most beloved ally Israel, secure our borders, not play partisan politics and ensure victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for reading and God Bless


Barb said...
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Barb said...

Good info. I saw you at Mudrake's blog where I no longer post because I decided he was dangerous to me --posting my personal name and address, house photo, etc. and he lives in the same town as I.

Keep after him for me. He needs rebuttal. such outrageous idiocy shouldn't stand unchallenged. Visit my blog,

Keep after Mudly at

Yankee Doodle said...

Hey, Alfonso! Are you married with children?

Fonso_2006 said...

Yes I am. I think that's why Fred Thompson is someone I really look up to.

Barb said...

Fred's wife is too young for him --he got divorced first, but I always wonder in those situations about character. However, I like Fred, too.

I like romney, Mormon or not. And really like Huck.

Fonso_2006 said...

I'm just talking about getting married and having children very young. I just plan to stay with my wife. I like Fred as well.

Fonso_2006 said...

Yeah, Huckabee is my candidate. We'll just see what happens.

Yankee Doodle said...

Hopefully John McCain will be stopped on Super Tuesday. According to CNN, Romney is only trailing behind John McCain with only less than 10 delegates.

mud_rake said...

Hi everyone. I see that my name was mentioned so I thought I'd drop in.

I asked fonso if he's ever support a Democrat and he answered on my blog, if you care to read it.

It seems odd that an entire group of people are excluded because their party affiliation. I wonder if in the early days of America folks voted straight Whig or Federalist or whatever?

Barb said...

Remember Mudly when your screen name was 'liberal democrat?" Were you then open to voting Republican --and would you now? NO --not unless they were liberal like you--in which case they wouldn't be republicans.

Barb said...

People especially vote a straight ticket when they don't know anything about the candidates --but know which party they prefer.

Mudrake, I trust you were not inviting ME to see what Fonso wrote on YOUR blog --I don't typically read much where I'm not welcome to blog --just often enough to see if you're committing libel again.

mud_rake said...

No, barb, i don't want your homophobic rantings to soil my blog as you have done again and again.

So, I see you are fishing for folks to stop over to your blog by posting your url in comment #2? Not much traffic there? perhaps its your subject matter that keeps people away.

Barb said...

Yes, I'm encouraging people to stop by --sent them to your blog, too. You don't seem to have a lot of traffic yourself --though, I admit, I haven't stopped in much to see.

If you are refering to my blog, I expect it will pick up as I write more often and comment on other blogs --either I will attract tsetse fly types and moles like yourself --or people of like mind.
I do like to respond to the ideas of others --that's what makes my wheels turn --rather than just coming up with an idea out of the blue; I respond to the culture and the news. You get your ideas from what you read --and I have plenty of material of that nature, too --I'm always picking up articles--like one in yesterday's Blade about the clubs for GLSBT's.

I'm not afraid of homosexuals so homophobic is a misnomer. You're the one who always brings it up and harps on me about it. If I do, it's a legitimate segue--AND NOT BECAUSE I'M PICKING ON YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU DISAGREE. That's not my style; it's yours.

mud_rake said...

[pardon the personal chat, Fonso, but neither of us comment on the other's blog any longer]

I looked at your sorry blog yesterday and found very few people had commented on the two stories you posed in January. Steve and the two young Republicans who post here are the visitors.

By the way, my sitemeter indicated I had 194 visitors yesterday. Apparently folks find my stuff interesting.

It is sad that you have become so desperate as to post your url to 'catch' people and drag them to your blog just to increase interest. As I said yesterday, it's the quality and quantity of articles that is the draw. Your homophobic rants are of little interest except to other homophobes.

I expect it will pick up as I write more often and comment on other blogs. Other blogs? You don't remain on too many blogs before you are kicked out because of your ugly comments.

Barb said...

I have been dissed by 3 blogs --yours and Microdot's --and microdot engineered me off the French blog with his infectious rage and slander and deliberate distortions --he stoked the blog emotions; not me. Stiletto, the soviet prostitute in France, scolded you for hounding me --until I gave her one more loving witness of Christ's love for her-- and then she had communication with the blog host that the others were boycotting the blog because of my Christian posting --starting with Microdot's engineered mock rage.

These 3 blogs ARE intolerant to Christian and conservative views --NOT because I was nasty, vulgar, profane, or committing libel --or refusing to address points raised, preferring to just insult --which was all your style with me and other conservatives who hang around your blog for any length of time --or any conservative blogs you visit.

Remember all your spam on my blog --a dozen or so huge irrelevant articles on obsessive compulsive disorder? (You always think I'm obsessive on homosexuality--I'm just really concerned about it and concerned for child and adolescent development, having raised 4 kids and having observed the trend toward gaydom among youth in some of their friends--and in the culture.) Yet, you said I spammed your blog --never. I try to stay on topic --or segue logically from the comments. (Like I am responding to your insulting comments here and misinfo about my being kicked off blogs)

and you have been deleted and shunned and moderated out even by at least one very good liberal democrat --and you didn't get the warm fuzzy encouragment and personal verbal support you wanted at PP or on your own blog when you started the nasty tactics against me there. AND the delicious irony --when YOU COMPLAINED on PP about right wing bloggers who moderate out your comments. I told you I prefer to be deleted or moderated out --than to have someone try to intimidate me away by name-calling, libel, and threats of exposure of private info.

No one but Microdot likes your style of rebuttal in comments--not even on the French blog where others said you seemed obsessed and focused on me.

Microdot does so much better when you aren't around. What is it with your influence on a guy who is obviously more creative and more fun in his better side than when you come around??

In conclusion (sorry Fonso to take so much space--you can delete later --but I hope Mudly will see it first), seems to me, that the people frequenting your blog are largely your partners in political crime --people who share your views --and the occasional ray of light that stops in --like Fonso here. I tried to enlighten you --but you've dug in too deeply --only the Lord Himself can reverse your blindness.

I've always said your blog is interesting and you write well on your blog --but act like a dunderhead in comments --and you often write outrageous things, baiting the Christians, just BEGGING for rebuttal. However, I noticed lately --seems to me you have steered away from focus on evangelical Christians since I don't post there anymore --because it was becoming a daily obsession for you.

You are the most hateful blogger toward Christians and toward me that I have ever seen--and it always centers around the fact that we call homosexual conduct a sin. You don't like that we vote at all --and you don't like that there are so many of us that we could have our way in elections--and you have suggested we be put into concentration camps. You may have thought that was funny --but who could tell? Your misery overshadows any sense of humor you might have. You are, in fact, so STUFFY! You need to lighten up!

Even at PP, I felt more tolerance than you exhibit --their vulgar art humor has been extreme --but then the stuff they say to their women friends of LIKE MIND is obscene and insulting, too. In fact, I've appreciated that I have not been the subject of their sexual humor as others have. Baldspot was on half a day before Microdot called him Wetspot--and referred to his trousers --

God will hold you accountable for your hatred if you don't repent while you still can. You owe ME apology for outrageous blog behavior --posting name,address, house photo, church photo, writing my pastor in hopes of being able to announce that I go to a racist church-- and for lying about me pertaining to racism and bigotry. NOt that I minded you writing to the pastor -- I gathered you didn't commit libel, at least, in your email to him. But it sure seemed intrusive into my life when you wrote him. However, I've encouraged you to visit my church, haven't I? So I really don't mind if our lives would intersect in some positive, redemptive way. Forgiveness is the Christian's specialty.

I have offered you an olive branch many times --but you would prefer to hate. So just go ahead. You will suffer more than I for that decision. I forgive you already--but I'm not going to ignore the facts of your history with me, trying to whitewash your past actions --until you admit you were wrong --or at least STOP THIS NEGATIVE FOCUS ON ME AND MY FAITH --JUST BECAUSE I THINK HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN--AS THE BIBLE SAYS IT IS MORE THAN ONE PLACE. AT THE VERY LEAST, IT'S A PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARD and not good for our children. No one is really "born gay" though there are a very few abnormal conditions of ambiguous genitalia which lead to some confusion and opportunity for choice in orientation. We need to study the issue in order to help children be normal in their sexuality--for the gay life is anything but gay. The last thing we need is encouragement to 'explore one's sexuality" through unhealthy and addictive activities.

this is the sort of length in comments I irritate people with--but I am busy trying to set the record straight behind all the insinuations that Mudly makes.

Barb said...

When I scroll the comment box to see how long my post is --it never looks anywhere near as long as it turns out when posted!

agraing1 said...

holy hell Barb is a psycho... the bible is made up... its fiction... (not true)... who cares what it says? and how is "gaydom" a public health hazard? Oh, wait, let me guess, Gays started AIDs or something, and are raping our children because they are genetically predisposed to child molestation. Some Nazi crap like that, I suppose? You religious right-wing fanatics are what is wrong with this country. Get a clue and stop living in the 16th century. We don't burn people at the Cross anymore.