Friday, February 8, 2008

We Need to Take Advantage

While John McCain has pretty much won the Republican nomination, the Democrats are still fighting for their nomination. What Republicans need to do is start concentrating on a national campaign against either Clinton or Obama.

The Democratic race could go on for months and possible even to August. Republicans, conservative or moderate, need to unite behind McCain because, regardless of your disagreements with him, what he has to offer is far better than what the Democrats have to offer.

McCain will stand behind our troops, has said he will make President Bush's tax cuts permanent, will secure our border, will cut taxes further, will ban internet taxes, cut spending (he has the best record of anyone on spending), appoint strict constructionist judges, support the right to life, improve education by implementing choice, defend marriage and protect our right to bear arms. The Democrats will surrender in Iraq, embolden our enemies around the world, lighten up on Iran at a time that Iran is getting bolder and bolder and killing American troops, socialize health care, increase taxes, expand government control, handicap American trade and support the murder of millions of innocent babies.

Obviously it is clear that McCain is a far better choice than either of the Democrats. We need to use the time we have to get an advantage over the Democrats. Our country is at stake and we need to do all we can, and that means supporting something who you have some disagreements with because, I cannot say it enough, McCain is better than the Democrats. Thank you for reading and God Bless.


mud_rake said...

In your praise of McCain, you list 'support the right to life, 'as one of the earmarks of his positions.

Interesting 3-word phrase, right-to-life. Reminds me of right-to-vote or right-to-drive.

I heard last evening two fundamentalist Christians, one an ordained minister in the Baptist Church, say that they no longer hold that very narrow idea of right-to-life, the one that ends at the day the child is born.

They no longer believe that good Christians can just slap the baby's butt and wish him 'good luck' with the rest of his life.

Apparently quite a few right-to-lifers hold that narrow view of the 3-word phrase.

These men went on to say that right-to-life included such things as medical care, early education opportunities, a clean environment, a good wage for the mother and other items that demand a socially-responsible network of plans that will enable this child to be successful in life.

In other words, these two men have moved away from that cold, dire, and callous agenda that I so often see in right-wing Republican candidates.

Go back to that list you presented, Fonso, that list of reasons you support McCain. Which ones of them are life-nourishing for this newly born baby? Which ones stand in his way?

Fonso_2006 said...

Just because you claim that two "Christians" hold this view will not cause me to support murder. I support the right to life and I support accessible health care. The government shouldn't provide health care to everyone. Private is always better than government run. What the government should do is do something to bring down the cost of health care.

mud_rake said...

Your last 2 sentences are in contradiction.

Further, you did not answer my question. It does not matter if it was two or twenty or one, the concept is the same: you cannot support 'right to life' and then abandon the child after he is born. McCain offers nothing to this child after its birth.

Fonso_2006 said...

My statements do not contradict each other.

America has everything to offer children after they are born. America has more opportunity than any other country. Don't start lying and saying that we don't not support children. The health care is there no matter how much money you make. Children are well taken care of here in America, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the parent. If they can't afford it then they should not have children. And even thought they made the mistake of getting pregnant when they could not afford it, they should not be allowed to turn to murder to make their life easier.

Girls keep your legs closes and guys, keep it in your pants.

mud_rake said...

So you think that the majority of unwanted pregnancies in America are among teenage folks like yourselves?

You'll need to do some research to find the facts.

By the way, does McCain or the Democrats have more to offer that newly born baby after it is born? I missed your answer.

Fonso_2006 said...

I believe Republicans have more to offer. We try to offer them a great culture. If you mean we don't want to give out as much welfare, that's true. But we will take care of them and not make them depend on the government so Democrats can have more power.

Barb said...

Why should McCain or democrats offer any more to a newborn baby than his parents' tax deduction?

who owes the baby? the gov't or his parents? The parents.

When that system fails, then we do have safety nets --but gov't cannot replace the father.

I was watching a tv show and this girl asks a guy if he has any kids --he said, "I'm not married" --and she looked at him, perplexed, and said something like, "Married? who needs to be married to have kids?" And this is getting to be more true all the time --that our citizens believe they do not need to be married to have kids. So who is going to be Mom's partner in parenting? Uncle Sam.

We should not be encouraging this --I don't know the answer --for how to help the unwed mothers, discourage abortion and still discourage unwed parenting.

Evangelicals and Catholics have BOTH been supporting unwed mothers through their pregnancy centers --through helps for single moms --like Cedar Creek's car maintenance/repair day for single moms--and their coat drives for the needy. Our church has Angel Food ministry and a food pantry for needy people in general --Church Women united run a thrift shop.

I just don't think Mudrake's criticism that fundamentalists have formerly been against the poor is accurate at all --even if 2 Christians say they have "now" seen the light. Many others saw it a long time ago.

But we must resist the idea of Uncle Sam as everyone's mother and father.