Monday, February 4, 2008

Not So Conservative Romney

All I've heard from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter and many other "conservative" commentators this last month is how Mitt Romney is the only Conservative in the race. Now I respect and admire all these people, but they are way wrong on the issue of who the true Conservative is.

The most Conservative candidate that was in the race is now out, Fred Thompson. Mitt Romney is no where close to being a Conservative. John McCain and Mike Huckabee have always had their views on most issues...except McCain on border security and I believe he learned from how his bill was defeated. He heard the people speak. But Mitt Romney began changing his stance on just about all issues as he was getting ready to enter the race. Abortion, 2nd Amendment, gay marriage, taxes (or, as Romney would say, FEES), Vietnam and so many more issues.

On the issue of taxes and fees, Romney raised taxes and fees between $630-million to $880-million, depending out your definition of fees. My definition of fees is still having to pay my money to the government and is no different than taxes.

Now here are 3 articles to read about the not-so-Conservative Romney and the timing of his flip-flops to coincide with the election.

Romney and Taxes
Romney and Vietnam
Romney and FEES

I don't dislike Romney, I just think that with talk radio and others hitting McCain so hard and they way they his Huckabee when he was surging, Romney should also have his record examined. Thank you for reading and God Bless.


Barb said...

sounds like his fees were on corporations that could afford them and that they were outdated before --had not inflated with other costs as much as in other states, perhaps?

Question -- ought the conserves consolidate behind either Romney or Huck in order to beat McCain? or can they all three still have a chance in the fall--or at least two? Perhaps Huck will concede and pull out for the rest of the primaries to throw strength to Romney? I'd rather have Huck --but he ran out of money-and he didn't ask me for any! I wouldn't know how to get it to him! easily, anyway.

Fonso_2006 said...
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Fonso_2006 said...

It's true that many of the fees were out dated, but when Romney attakced Huckabee, he didn't bother to mention that many of the taxes that Huckabee raised were only after the people of Arkansas voted on the taxes

Barb said...

Sounds like Huck is the better man. Although, many of the facts candidates spout come from their aides' research --and Romney was probably unaware of the details. Bad research on aides' part, I'll bet.